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Hello JLC crewのりくみいん 乗組員

Well, this week, in SAN MARCOS, we got some snow on Tuesday and we decided to cancel the meeting.

About the Blog postings, I try to regularly make the posts on Thursdays. And I try to send out the mass weekly e-mails on Sundays.

Thanks to Akiko-san, we have an extension to the Japanese Study session. She is available at the LBJ building from 5:00-6:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays. She has had some experience doing tutoring before and is willing to help students. Remember to thank her for the help!

The regular hours (Tuesday/Wednesday 3:30-5:00 at Lampasas 501) are never canceled since the room is always reserved for us to use. It is just on some Wednesdays this semester, Hitomi, Wyatt, and myself will not be able to join. At those times, we head over to a Middle School in South Austin as part of a volunteer program. March 3rd, we wont be able to come to JSS.

Well, I will take advantage of the extra space on this post for some thoughts about studying Japanese, particularly when engaging in conversation. After learning an immense amount of vocabulary, making full use of grammatical elements, and using these components in a fluid manner, up to the point where the American student can be considered fluent, it is still possible (and very likely I think) for the student to still sound odd to the Japanese. That is because behind the mastered language is an American-cultured mind. The thoughts and feelings deep down that dictate what someone will say and behave is influenced by the culture the student grew up in. As a student approaches an advance level of Japanese, the student will likely face a choice(perhaps only sub-cautiously) to speak in 'sync with Japanese culture or hit a wall. An identity challenge is presented. I suspect this situation is true for Japanese studying English also. But because of the huge ethical rarity in many places in the US, American culture will tend to be loose thus probably making it is easier for a Japanese to get n'sync. This may only be true in a general sense. Individual personalities will throw a monkey wrench into this whole argument.

Just some food for thought for those that like thoughts ;)

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