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  Welcome to our web site of Japanese Language and Culture club! Japanese Language and Culture Club is a student-based organization at Texas State University-SanMarcos.
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The first meeting for the spring semester was a good meeting. There were many familiar faces like the anime fans, 1st year Japanese students, and the nihonjin students :) It was awesome! There was also a few new faces, I can recall two people that were new to Texas State University. To them, welcome to Texas State University!

Wyatt showed everyone about the Sakura Festival and showed videos of the soran bushi and the para-para performances. Accordingly we then handed out the sign up sheets for this years soran bushi and para-para performances. I was shocked to see so many for para-para! lol

We also played rhythm game. It is a simple Japanese game that works well for meeting new people. Get in a group of people, and then with everyone together, clap your legs(table if sitting), clap your hands, right thumb out right, left thumb out left, and then repeat in a nice flowing beat. When it is your turn, say someone's name fallowed by a number in the rhythm of the beat. Now it is that persons turn. They have to say their name the amount of times of the number you said. If they mess up the flow of the beat while repeating their name, then they must say something about themselves. After that, they say a new name and number and the cycle repeats.

About the Japanese Study Session, the reservation times have been confirmed. The times are every week, on both Tuesday and Wednesday, at the same room as the Tuesday JLC meetings (Lampasas 501), from 3:30 to 5:00. The Japanese study sessions is for anyone to learn Japanese. From the 1st timers to the students that have been at it for years. We will accommodate to your level to give you good practice. This is also a chance to receive help with homework or prepare for test. The most valuable opportunity I think is the chance to practice having a conversation in Japanese! We will start next week, February the 2nd and 3rd.


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Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Name:Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Welcome to our web site! We will inform you of weekly meetings and special events.
We have weekly meeting every Tuesday at 5:00pm in the 2nd floor of Lampasas. Join Us!!


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