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Hey what's up??How was today's meeting?

Today's topic was Japanese Food!! You know, Japanese food is not only delicious, but very good for your health so we recommend you to eat Japanese food. Today wyatt talked about some Japanese food. Those were JLC officers' favorite but im sure you'll like them so just try them sometime!!

Noodle: There are various kinds of noodle such as Ramen, Udon, Soba

This is ra-men. Sooooooooooooooo good!!!

Donburi: Oyako-don, katsu-don, tempura-don....OMG im so hungry!!!

These are some kinds of donburi. Basically, these are rice bowl and something is on it such as fried pork or tempura.

Hey do you remember the meaning of Oyako-don? Oyako means parents and child in Japanese. The reason why the donburi is called parents and child is... they use egg and chicken for that... Do you understand? So sad...

This is Oyakodon...Can you see parents and child on it? parents and child


Kansai food is local food which you can eat in west part of Japan.

Okonomiyaki: Japanes omelet. We use many kinds of food in it such as vegetable and shrimp or pork.

Takoyaki: octopus is inside of unsweetened pancake

This is Takoyaki

Uh....im getting so hungry... you too right? but don't worry. We are going to Japanese restaurant this Friday so you can eat soon!! If you want to go but still don't sign up, e-mail me or come to quad tomorrow. We are selling rice ball so if you have time, come and help us!!

See you on Friday-----------!!!!

You want to sign up for Japanese food tour?
E-mail me!!
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ughhhhhhhhhhh........IM HUNGRYYYY!!!!だよ。
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