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Hello everyone!

This week, we continued our preparations for the Sakura Festival by working together in our booths and groups. All the groups received their poster boards. With these boards, each booth will be able to effectively showcase a lot about their focus to many visiting people.

We had another successful day of fund raising. We sold all of our rice by around 12:30. That was real fast! This week, we will come with more rice.

So about the riceballs (onigiri おにぎり), we first make teriyaki sauce. It is made up with soy sauce, water, peeled and grinned ginger, diced onion, and sugar. Sometimes salt too. We heat all of those ingredients in a pot. Pretty simple. And with the rice, we just use rice cookers (すいはんき、炊飯器). Once the rice is done, we have a choice to make hot onigiri or cold onigiri.

With hot onigiri, we leave the rice in the rice cooker and just pour in some of the teriyaki sauce and then mix the rice. We can leave the rice cooker plugged in to keep the rice real warm. Just opening the lid of the rice cooker releases such a nice warm smell. いい あたたかい におい。To make a riceball, we just scoop out some from the rice cooker and onto plastic wrapping for molding into a riceball and for serving.

With cold onigiri, once the rice is finished, we scoop the rice into a large container and then pour in teriyaki sauce and mix. Then we scoop a potion and place onto plastic wrapping, and then fold the wrapping around the rice and mold it into an onigiri. Then it is stored in the refrigerator over night. An important thing about the molding is if it is molded too tightly, then overnight, the rice kind of sticks too much to the point were it loses the characteristics of individual grains in the center. On a hot day, cold onigiri is very refreshing! 涼しい~

Finally, JSS (Japanese Study Session) is still happening. Lately, the Tuesday sessions have been active, however the Wednesdays have been slow. But I can now make it to every Wednesday until sometime in May. I hope many students come for Wednesday too! So just to recap, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 3:30-5:00 at lampasas 501.

Also tutoring available from Akiko-san (af1300@txstate.edu). She has regular meeting times of Monday and Wednesday, 5:00-6:00 in the LBJ building near the Wells Fargo. You can e-mail her for requesting specific times.



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Good afternoon jblog readers!


haru no yasumi wa dou deshita ka?
How was spring break?

This meeting, the committee and booth groups got together to do some brainstorming for what they will need and how they will structure their respective booths. There was a lot of energy. A new booth about Japanese drama is being created in addition to the original 6. So now we have 7! Nice going Tamara!

Martial Arts

Very cool mix :)
If any of you guys feel stuck on anything, send me an e-mail or make a post on the facebook page.

This week, we were going to do fund-raising, but on Tuesday, we got some rain and had to cancel. But we will try again next week. We will be selling hot teriyaki riceballs(onigiri) freshly made right out there in the quad for $1. Give it a try, they are very good! おいしいですよ。(Please don't rain again)

We also want to start advertising for the Sakura Festival real soon! If you can, tell your family and friends about it. Monday April 12th, doors open at 5:00pm and ends around 8:30pm at the Ball Room in the LBJ building. A great and fun experience! Walk along and stop by the booths where students will have many fun and interesting things about Japan. Watch many performances, and eat free food! Entry is $3 per person. The whole event is organized by JLC, a student organization of Texas State University.

Japanese Study Session,a great place to do your homework, study for your exams, or pursue independent Japanese study!
Tuesday and Wednesday 3:30-5:00 at Lampasas 501.


Monday and Wednesday 5:00-6:00 in LBJ building near Wells Fargo is hosted by Akiko-san. She is so nice and can help you with speaking! Any questions about the times, you can e-mail her at af1300@txstate.edu


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Hello everybody!

みなさん元気ですか? 今日いい天気です

mina-san wa ogenki desu ka? kyou wa ii otenki desu ne.

Is everyone doing well? Today is a nice day, don't you think so?

Last meeting, we watched a Japanese comedy called No Laughing Hotel. 5 new trainees must avoid any laughing during their day of training which is loaded with funny gimmicks which are designed to get them to laugh. The punishment for laughing is a slap in the butt by a whip-stick kind of thing. The poor trainees go through many gimmicks in which resisting laughing is futile! Here is a link to first part if you want to check it out.
No laughing Hotel part 1

Also this week we had our first fund-raising event! We tried something new and made hot and fresh rice balls(onigiri-おにぎり)out in the quad. They came out really good!

The Japanese study session is still in operation.
Tuesday 3:30-5:00 (Lampasas 501)
Wednesday 3:30-5:00 (Lampasas 501)

Tutoring from Akiko-san. She will help you speak regardless of your level!
Monday 5:00-6:00 (LBJ building--usually near the Wells Fargo inside)
Wednesday 5:00-6:00 (LBJ building)
Akiko-san may have additional times available, any questions, you can e-mail her at af1300@txstate.edu

Well, spring break is just about upon us. Everyone have a fun and safe vacation!
Just try not to neglect the Japanese studies ;)


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Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Name:Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Welcome to our web site! We will inform you of weekly meetings and special events.
We have weekly meeting every Tuesday at 5:00pm in the 2nd floor of Lampasas. Join Us!!


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