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Good Evening JLC Members,

I'm sorry for my absence at the last couple of meetings however I assure you they were for a good reason. However, while I was gone, the wheels of the club continued to spin as the lesson for the day consisted of the different genres of Japanese music. Many examples of musicians were given such as for Pop:

Utada (of Kingdom Hearts fame), Morning Musume, Arasha, and B's.

For Akiba:


For Visual Kei:

Japan X, and Abingdon

For Hip-Hop:

Dabo and the Teriyaki Boys

Keep in mind these are only some of the genres of music and musicians that were discussed.Feel free to do you own research and discover what your own preference is. Next week we willbe pairing off into small groups and begin to dissect how to properly introduce ones self in Japanese. As always, we will be selling Rice Balls on Wednesday so come out and support the cause! Remember, it has been proven that JLC rice balls cure cancer, reduce risk of getting theflu, AND increase overall beauty...sooooo BUY THEM!

Until Next Time,
Avery, Secretary and Historian of JLCC


Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Name:Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Welcome to our web site! We will inform you of weekly meetings and special events.
We have weekly meeting every Tuesday at 5:00pm in the 2nd floor of Lampasas. Join Us!!


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