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  Welcome to our web site of Japanese Language and Culture club! Japanese Language and Culture Club is a student-based organization at Texas State University-SanMarcos.
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Good Morning JLC!

At this past weeks meeting, we entered the world of sound and ettiquette as Taylor-san (aka Wyatt) explained Japanese onomonapeia. So, in the case that you missed it, please do not meso meso however we encourage you to feel free to don don all the way to the next meeting. After the onomonopeias, things became heavy as a discussion over social statuses and faux paux began. Wyatt explained that in Japan, if someone is even one year older than you, they are your senior, or Sempai. Because you are beneath them, you are their junior, or Kouhai. Alongside of this, certain people govern certain titles. Individuals such as teachers and your boss have the suffix -san added to their names to show respect while, in a strange turn of events, a customer at a fast food restaurant has the suffix -sama added to their names to signify they are like royalty!

Wierd, huh?

Besides this, dues will be coming up soon. It will be 15 dollars for the entire year and it will cover your fees to the events that we host as well as your t-shirt. This money does not go to supplementing Wyatt's personal finances as many might believe, instead it goes towards our social events as well as our end of the year extravagenza, the Sakura Festival.

We thank you all for attending another JLC event and encourage that you continue to attend!

Until next week,
Avery Krushall


JLC meeting on September the 8th

Everyone, おはようございます!! (O HA YOO GO ZA I MA SU)!!! Does everyone remember what this means? I hope so since it was part of our discussion on how Japanese people greet each other. Well, more literally it means "good morning" however some situations like between members of the same club (クラブ KU RA BU)、おはようございます can be used at other times of the day.

About the origami, we showed many kinds of origami. There was a lotus flower, pig, shuriken, frog, and ball. And Wyatt showed 2 videos about origami. In one of the videos was an insanely impressive origami of a dragon.

I also spoke about the Japanese conversation practice. Next meeting, I will be able to announce what day the practice will take place! If you have not signed up, you can still do so next meeting. It is a great opportunity to learn from Japanese students how to speak and listen to Japanese!

Next meeting we will teach about a very important aspect of Japanese culture. That is the relationship between senpai (先輩)、and kouhai (後輩), that is seniors and juniors in terms of actually age. We will also show Japanese manners and finally, Japanese onomatopoeias!

See you all later!

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1st JLC meeting of 2009-2010

Hello everyone! We had many returning members and many new faces at the meeting today. Everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and then we relaxed and talked amongst each other. Wyatt also showed us Jan-Ken-Pon. This is like rock-paper-scissors but Japanese style.

Next meeting we will start jumping right into Japanese culture. The topics will be origami; the art of folding paper, and how Japanese people greet each other. We will also discuss setting up a separate time for Japanese conversation practice.

See you guys next time!

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Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Name:Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Welcome to our web site! We will inform you of weekly meetings and special events.
We have weekly meeting every Tuesday at 5:00pm in the 2nd floor of Lampasas. Join Us!!


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