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The meeting topic was "Japanese old story". We introduced two of the most famous old story in Japan: Momotaro and Kaguyahime.

We told you these two story and played them together at the same time. It was so much fun stuff, wasn't it? Especially Takeshi was...hehe

After that, we separated into booths group and planned for Sakura Festival. We have 8 weeks until Sakura Festival!! Let's help each other and make great festival!

Next meeting topic is Japanese manner. We will teach you Japanese school manner (like Senpai, Ko-hai), business, public and home manner. Those will be very interesting and usefull for you guys so come to meeting with your friends!!

FundraisingLast time, I wrote this week's fundraising was on Wednesday, but it was wrong...sorry guys:( We sold riceballs and fried chicken on Thursday. We made 30 riceballs and about 40 chicken, and sold all of them!! Did you try our new menu "fried chicken"?? It was soooo yammy.... If you didn't try this week, come to quad next Wednesday or Thursday. Im not sure which day we are going to do fundraising yet, but Wyatt is going to announce the exact date in the next meeting so don't miss it!!

See you guys in the next meeting or So-ran bushi practice!!
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In the last meeting, we learned how to do origami and talked about Sakura Festival. All of us made cranes and many people succeeded...well, I am Japanese but my crane was kinda wierd shape. I don't know why....I made it thousands of times when I was in Japan. So, if you couldn't make it perfectly, don't worry!! Even Japanese cannot make it well so...hehe

Then, we separated into small groups for Sakura Festival. There are five groups: Decoration, Advertising, Food, Entrance, Booths. Each of you belong to a group and help planning and organizing Sakura Festival. We are going to work together and it must be fun!!

In next meeting, we are going to introduce Japanese proverb and talk about Sakura Festival again. We have almost 9 weeks by Sakura Festival so let's work together to make great festival!!


Last Thursday, we made 47 rice balls and sold everything!! YAY!! Thank you for helping us!! This week, we are going to sell Kara-age which is Japanese tastes fried chicken i guess... Im sure it is very tasty!! I know American people love meat so you'll like it for sure:) We will be the same place, same time on Wednesday this week, so please stop and try our new food!!

-------9 weeks until Sakura Festival!! -----------

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Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
Name:Japanese Language and Culture Club at Texas State University San Marcos
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